IT HUB Coworking Kryvyi Rih | Rules

Application Rules of IT Hub

General Rules

Entering the location of IT HUB co-working, address yourself to the administrator for registration at once.

  • The games, the watching of movies, serials and TV shows are not allowed.
  • Any drinks and food should be used only on the territory of Coffee-Time.
  • The administration reserves the right for refusal to visit IT HUB co-working, if:
    1. 1) you violate the rules of IT HUB co-working;
    2. 2) you make harm to the technical appliances or premises by your own deeds or actions;
    3. 3) you disturb the other visitors.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, to drink alcohol, to use drugs and toxic substances in the premises of IT HUB, co-working.
  • The outerwear and the backpacks should be left in the wardrobe room.
  • The administration of IT HUB, co-working is not responsible for the things, left without supervision.

Application of IT HUB Co-working Equipment:

  • All the visitors of IT HUB Co-working should observe the general rules of the electrical safety’s use.
  • If you are not sure of the equipment’s putting on / off, you’d better address yourself to the system administrator.
  • The installation of any software on the computers is permitted only with the allowance of the system administrator.
  • Scanning is free of charge, but it’s necessary to address yourself to the system administrator in advance.
  • Printing and copying are free of charge (up to 10 sheets). It’s necessary to address yourself to the system administrator beforehand.
  • Equipment in the recreation area can be used with the previous allowance of the administrator.
  • If you finished the work, warn the administrator of that, please.