IT HUB Co-Working

IT HUB – it’s a net for the innovative locations for the operation, events and business-meetings at the State University of Economics and Technology (SUET).

We’ll help everybody to reveal your ideas and potential on maximally comfort conditions..




When you need the functional place for the event

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When you want to work
among your own people

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Negotiation Rooms

When the privacy
is needed

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When you want to be a part
of the whole

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Our advantages


We are almost in the center of the city.It’s the simplest thing to negotiate about business-meetings


Everything, that may be necessary for the comfort operation, is included into our cost.

Schedule of Operation

We are working for 7 days a week from 8:30 to 21:00. No breaks, holidays and days-off.


Our working place is more beneficial than to rent an office in the center, to pay for the utilities, internet, to buy tea, coffee and to make cleaning.


We have the fresh repair, new furniture and technical appliances. We do not economize on coffee, tea, cookies and the salaries of our admins.


Our Partners

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